Apthletic Australia Responsible Gambling Policy

Last update April 29th, 2021.


While the majority of Australians enjoy gambling as a recreational activity, Apthletic Australia (hereafter ‘Apthletic’) recognises that problem gambling is a serious issue for a small number of people with negative impacts. We have developed this policy to communicate our commitment to our customers and help raise awareness of problem gambling.

Apthletic is committed to providing a safe and responsible gambling experience, a large part of that experience is ensuring compliance with responsible gambling practices throughout Australia. The ​Interactive Gambling Act 2001 (“the IGA”) prohibits, determines and regulates the use of interactive gambling services by Australian companies and users. The legislation creates a safe and responsible way of participating in interactive gambling.

To ensure that Apthletic and its Members are complying with these responsible gambling practices Apthletic has developed this policy to ensure the running, organisation, operation, use, and general play of the application is compliant with the IGA and the NT Code of Practice for Responsible Service of Online Gambling 2019.

This policy is written in simple language. The specific legal obligations of Apthletic and its Members during the operations of the online betting are outlined in IGA. This policy will be updated when our information handling practices change. Updates will be published on our website and through our email lists to all those who will be affected by the changes.

A copy of this policy can be found on www.rivalbet.com.au and in the Responsible Gambling section on our mobile application.


This Policy is to ensure that the operation, use, and general play is compliant with the IGA so that Members are protected and informed of responsible gambling in the course of betting. This policy is in place to allow Members of Apthletic to make informed decisions about how they gamble and to minimise the harm caused by problem gambling.

The Northern Territory Government has implemented the ‘NT Code of Practice for Responsible Service of Online Gambling 2019’ (“the Code”) which illustrates the overall recommended practices of business for responsible gambling.


The Code is put in place to minimise the harms associated with the loss of control of gambling through the creation of responsible gambling environments in line with national and international best practice and community expectations. Apthletic acknowledges each section of this Code and has implemented it into this policy as the standard policy and procedure in ensuring responsible gambling by its members.

Purpose of the Policy

This Policy is in place to assist Apthletic’s Members in understanding the signs of being a problem gambler. This includes:

This Policy also aims to assist with Apthletic staff in identifying the signs of problem gambling and to be able to work with Members to achieve the minimisation and prevention of problem gambling through the operation of the Apthletic system

Provision of Information

Apthletic will make this policy available on their website and application along with all additional information regarding responsible gambling that will allow Members to make informed decisions about their gambling habits. The information within this policy includes:

What is Problem Gambling?

Problem gambling is characterised by difficulties in limiting money and/or time spent on gambling which leads to negative impacts for the gambler, others, or for the community.

Where Responsible Gambling is not implemented, it can lead to a number of adverse consequences, including but not limited to:

If you are a problem gambler, or moderate risk gambler, you may experience the following:

If you are a problem gambler, or moderate risk gambler, your family, friends or employers may experience:

Additionally, the situation of a problem gambler can reach the broader community and impact the wider population through:

If you can relate to any of the above situations, we recommend you assess your gambling actions at: https://www.gamblinghelponline.org.au/take-a-step-forward/self-assessment

What is Responsible Gambling?

Responsible gambling is where individuals are able to make informed decisions about how they gamble. A regulated environment where the potential for gambling related harms are minimised can contribute to people gambling responsibly. It occurs through the actions and ownership by individuals, communities, the regulator and the gambling industry in achieving socially acceptable gambling outcomes.

This includes but is not limited to people who:

Responsible Gambling can also have a positive impact on the broader community, including online gambling operators, who have a role in responsible gambling through:

The Northern Territory Racing Commission has implemented the ​NT Code of Practice for Responsible Service of Online Gambling 2019’​which illustrates the overall recommended practices of business for responsible gambling.


Responsible Gambling Records

Apthletic records all actions taken by staff in assisting people in accordance with the Policy through a Responsible Gambling Incident Register. The register includes the following recorded information:

a. Date, time, location and nature of any event where a Member reports a gambling related issue or complaint. b. Name and address (or description of person where this information is unavailable) of the person the incident relates to; and c. The name of the staff member involved and the action they took.

Promote Informed Choice

Apthletic will make clear the operation of RivalBet. This will include:

Cultural and Geographic Diversity

Apthletic recognises that there are cultural and geographic diversities that it must consider in its operation. Consideration will be given to ensuring people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds can access the Responsible Gambling Policy and all additional information in applying responsible gambling on the Apthletic website and application. This information will include:

Apthletic understands that each State and Territory have responsible gambling codes in place due to the different geographic areas and/or jurisdictions with particular requirements. Apthletic will make clear on the website and the application that all States and Territory of Australia have their own regulators and people to assist with these matters. They are:

State / Territory Regulator
Australian Capital Territory Racing and Gambling Commission
New South Wales Department of Gaming and Racing
Northern Territory Northern Territory Racing Commission
Queensland Office of Gaming Regulation
South Australia Gaming Supervisory Authority
Tasmania Gaming Commission
Victoria Casino and Gaming Authority
Western Australia Office of Racing, Gaming and Liquor

Apthletic has also a designated Community Liaison Officer that will address concerns a person has with gambling, any problems associated with it and be a general support person to its Members.

The Community Liaison Officer will:

Be available from 10:00am to 4:00pm (AEST) Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays)

Underage Gambling

Person under the age of 18 are prohibited from gambling all over Australia. We are committed to preventing underage gambling on our platform including ensuring any marketing or promotion material is not targeted towards minors.

If minors have access to a device that has access to our services, we encourage you to download and install one of the popular filtering software packages listed:





Where to Get Help?

There are many different ways to get help and support in Australia. Where a member does not feel comfortable contacting our staff or the Community Liaison Officer, the following services are available:

Australian National 1800 Gambling Helpline - Call 1800 858 858

Gambling Help Online: https://www.gamblinghelponline.org.au/

Gamblers Anonymous Australia: https://gaaustralia.org.au/

Gambling Therapy: https://www.gamblingtherapy.org/en

Lifeline: https://www.lifeline.org.au/

Relationships Australia: https://www.relationships.org.au/

Training and Skills Development

All new staff at Apthletic will complete appropriate gambling training within three (3) months of commencing employment. This includes training that will allow all relevant staff to identify and respond to ‘Red Flag’ behaviours as well as general information in relation to gambling and gambling products offered on the website and application.

The Northern Territory has the Responsible Gambling Training Plan: Building Confidence and Competence with a complete revision manual workbook. This Training Plan will be used by Apthletic in training all new employees.

Staff will also partake in refresher training annually regarding harm minimisation strategies to enable the ongoing provision of a responsible gambling environment. This annual training will be conducted internally by Apthletic CEO to ensure all staff are aware of the risks and procedure in assisting problem gamblers.

Managers of Apthletic will also participate in appropriate training every five (5) years to guide decision making in relation to responsible gambling practices and environment.

A Gambling Training Register will be established to maintain and keep records of Apthletic’s staff and training as a part of responsible gambling records. This includes the staff members’ name, date of training and type of training.

Gambling Limits

To help promote responsible gambling we offer multiple ways for customers to limit betting activity. Limits can be set via the “Responsible Gambling” feature on our platform and are applied immediately. If a customer requests a limit increase, there is a cooling down period of 7 days before it can take effect. Reductions to limits are immediate and do not require a cooling off period. Once in place, limits do not expire and remain in effect unless they are modified by the customer. Limits may be set to 24 hours, 7 days or 28 day time periods.


If customers need to take a break or self-exclude there are features built into the platform to help support reducing gambling activities. These features can be found under the “Responsible Gambling” feature. Customers may also contact Customer Support directly via support@rivalbet.com.au. All self-exclusion activity will be recorded in the Gambling Incident Register.

If an employee has monitored a customer’s account and is concerned, they will notify senior staff. Senior staff will then contact the customer to inform them of the concerns and decide if the customer is practicing responsible gambling.

If a customer would like to self-exclude from all gambling operators in the Northern Territory they may complete and submit the following form:


If a customer, family or friends of a customer believe that they are not a responsible gambler and require assistance, contact should be made to the Australia Gambling Help by calling 1800 858 858 or visiting their website at ​www.gamblinghelponline.org.au​

Keeping Track

Customers have access to a full history of betting transactions including deposits and withdrawals via the “My Account” feature on our platform. Payments to and from customer accounts will be conducted in an accurate and timely manner. Apthletic​ Australia ​will conduct operations in compliance with the ​Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act​ 2006.

Additionally, Apthletic will not provide credit or lend money to anyone for the purpose of gambling.

Closing Your Account

Accounts can be closed permanently if you no longer wish to use our services via the “Responsible Gambling” feature on our platform. Customers may also close their account by via email support@rivalbet.com.au

Ethical and Responsible Marketing

At Apthletic we support ethical and responsible marketing of gambling products and services. Our advertising policy statement:

Information Privacy

Customer privacy is important to us. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information:


Further Information about privacy concerns or complaints in Australia can be found on the Office of the Australian Privacy Commissioner's website at https://www.oaic.gov.au/

Policy Review

Apthletic will review the Responsible Gambling Policy every twelve (12) months and make assessment of the gambling environment on the website and application due to the ever-changing technology, research and business practices. Apthletic will make such changes as are reasonably necessary to comply with this Policy and the ongoing compliance of responsible gambling services.

As mentioned earlier, this Policy is in accordance with the NT Code of Practice for Responsible Service of Online Gambling 2019.

Customer Satisfaction Customer satisfaction is one of our core values and we aim to offer a fair platform for customers to use and enjoy. Customers are encouraged to communicate directly with us from inside our platform via the “Customer Support” and “Report a Problem” features. Customers may also email us directly at support@rivalbet.com.au


Apthletic wish to ensure that its customers are operating and using its services within the terms of this policy and understand that there are occasions where complaints will rise from users. Apthletic intends to take each and every complaint it receives seriously and a willingness to resolve the complaint efficiently and diligently.

Should a customer have a complaint they are encouraged to contact us directly via support@rivalbet.com.au or the “Report a Problem” feature on our platform. You will receive confirmation of our receipt of your complaint, and we will respond to it with a decision within 30 days.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you may lodge an official complaint with a The Northern Territory Government


Contact Details

Customers are encouraged to communicate directly with us via the “Customer Support” and “Report a Problem” features.

If you have any questions or would like assistance, please email us directly at support@rivalbet.com.au

Updates to this Responsible Gambling Policy

Apthletic may review, change and update this Responsible Gambling Policy from time to time to reflect our current practices and obligations. We will publish our current Privacy Policy on our website at www.rivalbet.com.au and the changes will take effect at the time of publishing. You should review this privacy policy regularly and remain familiar with its terms.

For a copy of our current Responsible Gambling Policy, please contact us at the contact details above.